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– Lena Sjöberg

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  • Lena Sjöberg has been working as a freelance illustrator since she graduated from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1996. Her clients include magazines, publishing houses and advertising agencies for whom she makes book covers, editorial illustration, hand lettering, humorous drawings and much more. She likes to combine commercial commissions with writing and illustrating her own books. She has never missed a deadline.
a woman feeding a man
Sorg och saknad
a book cover with a wolf howling at the moon
a book cover with colorful flowers and birds
Livet och lite annat
a white bird with a branch in its mouth
a man walking on a street
a square frame of blue buildings
Diplom Ludvika Kommun
a woman sitting on a book
Norstedts - Summer card
a group of people with a red cloth
Svenska Tecknare - Annual report
a woman with brown hair and a blue and yellow dress
Brevet från mig
a colorful art with text
Christmas card
a collection of colorful floral designs
Rabén & Sjögren - Bookmarks
a collection of colorful books
Region Kronoberg
a book cover with trees and mountains
VOX by Opal
a group of people standing under a table with a bird on the ground
Unga Dramaten - Lilla Måsen
a person walking on a path in a city at night
Min syster är ett spöke
a cartoon of a dog and a table
Rabén & Sjögren - anthology
a blue and white city skyline
Västerviks kommun
a colorful floral frame with birds and leaves
Rabén & Sjögren - Diploma
a blue background with trees and a tree and a white net
a collage of food and a painting
Att så ett frö
a couple of birds with feathers
Att vara höna
an astronaut standing on the moon
Scandinavian Traveler
a poster with a cartoon image of animals and plants
Natten lyser!
a child in a garment
Unga Dramaten - Den lille girige
a stack of books with a glass cup and dice
a collage of different colored images
Kungliga biblioteket
a drawing of a moth
a child in a diving suit
Packaging - Little Explorer
a hand with colorful writing on it
a cartoon of a man doing yoga
Yoga med Lena Sjöberg
a book cover with a cartoon dog
Hundra (sidor) hundar
a painting of a castle
a group of vegetables and leaves
Aldrig har jag sett
a person sitting on a rock painting
Svenska Tecknare - article illustration
a bird standing next to a polar bear
Kalla fakta om is
a book cover with insects and flowers
Under ett rabarberblad
a collage of images of people in different rooms
I huset där jag bor
a poster with pictures of people
I huset där jag bor - Stickers
a cartoon of a fox wearing a cape and boots
Scenkonstmuseet - Barnspåret
a mermaid reading a book
Rabén & Sjögren - logotype
a blue and green logo
Label - Soap
a two boxes of pasta
Packaging - Pasta
a label with flowers and leaves
a pink rectangular sign with white writing
ICA - Anklår
a red bags with designs on them
a dog with a bone and shoes
The Dog
a black snake with white lines and green plants
The snake
a drawing of human body parts
The body
a cartoon of a man wearing glasses
a piece of paper with a pear and leaves
a group of logos with different designs
a page of a magazine with text
Allt om Mat - Autumn
a page with text and images of food
Allt om Mat - Spring
a black and white illustration of a pot and vegetables
ICA - Chicken
a blue bird with an egg
Logotype - Eggs
a group of colorful logos
Logotype - Eco
a book cover with a couple of women
Svensk Bokhandel
a landscape with fireworks and a building
Rabén & Sjögren - Booklet cover
a man in a lab coat holding a test tube
a woman sitting at a table with a laptop
a man standing in front of a map
Magazine Värmland
a frame with food items on it
Bonnier Carlsen
a plate of chocolates with writing
Coop - Mersmak
a poster with different drinks and words
Systembolaget - Autumn
a painting of a plant with fruits and vegetables in a vase
Systembolaget - Spring
close-up of hands drawing a design
Svenska tecknare - Författarförbundet
a poster with different colored pieces of puzzle
Magazine illustration - Balans
a group of people walking in front of a building
Västervik kommun - Gift Card Gamleby
a group of people walking in a parking lot
Västervik kommun - Gift Card Västervik
a man smiling and various objects
Magazine Värmland - Fredrik Lööf
a map of the country
a map of the world with different colored hands
a two images of insects and plants
Rabén & Sjögren - Note book
a box of candy on top of a pile of candy
a white bag with colorful jugs on it
Wirum Glass
a blue and green bird with orange beaks
Made in India
a drawing of a man holding a stick
Slående fakta om hjärtat
a drawing of a candle holder with birds and candles
Bonnier Carlsen - Antology
a bird art with a tree and text
a colorful rooster with a crown and a sign
Eastern card
a drawing of a tree with a person's face
Christmas card - God jul
a red and blue graphic of a laptop and cell phone in a wave
Damernas Värld - Take A Break
a hand holding a bird
Damernas Värld - Therapy
a sign with a couple of women and a clock
Damernas Värld - Time Out?
a drawing of a person and vegetables
Årets Kock
a chicken soup in a bowl
Chicken Soup -Logo
a blue bird and flowers
Greeting card
a bird on a person's arm
Jag är lust och jag är längtan
a woman sitting on a large wave
Damernas Värld - Be Who You are
a boat in a river
Forskning & Framsteg
a man pushing a cart with a house
Inside Magazine
a group of birds on a tree branch
Rabén & Sjögren - Anthology Jujja
a woman with a mustache and a woman's face
a drawing of a baby
Damernas Värld - Fertility
a group of colorful heads with different colored text
Damernas Värld - Not My Fault
a cartoon of a person sitting under a tree
Damernas Värld - Books
a cartoon of a man
Magazine illustration
a drawing of a man with a tattoo on his arm
Coop - Mersmak BW
a cartoon of a man talking on a phone
Tecknaren - Skatteverket
a cartoon of a man with a bandage on his head sitting on a pile of books
Tecknaren - Swedish Social Insurance Agency
a drawing of a woman
Own work - fashion
a black and white drawing of a plant with fruits
Coop - Tomatoes
a black and white drawing of a face
Own work - glass
a black and white drawing of a crocodile
Own work - crocodile
a black and white drawing of a face in a television
Book illustration - dictionary
a drawing of a man
Book illustration - Hemliga Brev
a drawing of two women hugging
a drawing of a man and a woman
a book with a graphic design
a book cover with a butterfly and plants
a graphic design of a floral wreath
a book cover with cartoon characters
Hemliga Brev
an orange and blue cover with text and birds and elephants
Time Warner
a book cover with a picture of a woman
Rabén & Sjögren - Book cover
a cartoon of a vegetable with a pig face and green leaves
Herr Palsternack
a drawing of a woman's body
a woman holding a baby
Tidningen Vi
a close up of a platypus
Hårdkokta fakta om ägg
a collage of different farm items
Schoolbook illustrations
a logo with different colored circles
a red and blue logo
Logotype - Pärlan
a stack of white boxes with writing on them
Logotype - Cake
a room with a wall mural of a cake and chairs
Logotype - Cake Interior
a green circle with a flower and monkeys
a drawing of a child
Own work - Hand lettering
a group of letters in different colors
Initial letters
a drawing of a person with a moon and trees