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– Tobias Green

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  • My prolific career began with children's book illustrations, later developing into advertising work for several clients and agencies. My specialty is mastering a wide variety of art styles and techniques. I am equally experienced and confident with rendering traditional, digital or 3D artwork and I welcome assignments in any conceivable style, for any possible purpose. I’m based in Skåne, south of Sweden and have been keeping very busy working with illustration, graphic design, and art direction assignments for many happy clients for almost 20 years. My work was nominated by The Swedish Design Award 2019, 2021 and 2022.
a girl with a mustache and white text
Mustaschkampen / Skånemejerier
a group of cartoon characters
Electrolux / Code of Conduct
a cartoon character in a sink with a toothbrush
Stockholm vatten och avfall - flottmonstret
a poster of a zombie holding a tray and a drink
Stockholm vatten och avfall - Tvättmonstret
a white liquid pouring out of a container
Skånemejerier / Lindahls kvarg
a cartoon of a man smoking a cigarette
The Crypt Club
a cartoon of a ghost in a tunnel
Stockholm vatten och avfall - våtservettsmonstret
a chocolate candy with caramel flowing out of it
Toms choklad - kolapokal
a close up of an apple and ginger
Kullamust - etikett - äppleglögg
a green and red apple with a leaf
Kullamust - äpple
a close up of an orange
Kullamust - apelsin
a black and white illustration of a bottle of rum
Häganäs bryggeri - rum - merch
a watercolor of a fish shrimp and crab
Fiskgrossisten - key visual illustrations
a cartoon of a fox
Frebaco - character design
cartoon fox riding a bicycle
Frebaco - packaging illustration
a black and white drawing of a dog
Carrier hundfoder - packaging illustration
a gnome standing in front of a food truck
Ripa - packaging illustration
a sign with a woman holding a anchor and a bottle of wine
Missbehave bar - logo design and illustration
a windmill with a van in the background
OX2 - poster illustration
a horse drawn in orange lines
Dogman - brand illustrations - horse
a line drawing of a cat and dog
Dogman - brand illustrations - cats and dogs
a collection of black and white objects
Garage bar - brand design illustrations
a pan with eggs sausage and bacon
Stjärnägg - packaging illustration
a fish with a ribbon
Fiskgrossisten - packaging illustration
cartoon character holding a kettlebell
Finax - key visual campaign illustration
a cartoon bear in space suit riding a rocket
Haribo - packaging illustration
a cartoon of a pomegranate with a cape and mask
Everfresh - key visual campaign illustration
a poster with cartoon cowboy clothes and boots
Hepcat store - poster illustration
a group of black bags with white text
Lakritsfabriken - packaging illustration
a man in a lab coat holding two flasks
Sobi - leaflet illustration - lab
a cartoon of a man and woman riding a red motorcycle
Sobi - leaflet illustration - city
a cartoon of a city
Sobi - leaflet illustration - down town
a low poly earth with trees and mountains
a poster with two bottles and a microphone
The Tivoli - poster illustration
a can of spray can with a label
Relevans Strategi & Kommunikation
a snake with a cup of liquid
Garage bar - book - drinks
a man driving a car
Garage bar - book - burgers
a person playing a guitar
Garage bar - book - live music
a poster of a car
Garage bar - poster illustration
a red gummy bear on a red background
Haribo - fruktnallen
a black licorice swirl on a purple background
Haribo - lakrits
a green and red candy
Haribo - fruktnappar
a silver robot with arms and arms outstretched
Handelsbanken - robot kids
a close-up of a metal screw
Slutagräv - product illustration
a room with a television and a game console
King Digital Entertainment - game room
a man wearing a suit and glasses
personal project
a room with musical instruments
King Digital Entertainment - music room
a cartoon lizard with a smile
King Digital Entertainment - gecko
a cartoon turtle with big eyes
King Digital Entertainment - turtle
a cartoon of a green dinosaur
King Digital Entertainment - dino
a man with a mustache and binoculars
Advokatfirman Lindahl
a group of blue trucks
Tetra Pak - icons
a light bulb with a clear base
Egma - 3D product illustration
a light bulb with a silver base
Egma - 3D product illustration - halogen
cartoon of children standing in front of a fireplace