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  • Raised with classical ballet Carl later chose to stay behind the camera to observe and capture the movements, energy and THE FLOW in dancing. Carl interpreters the body movements and have an eye to create a persons image. Carl personality makes him easy to work with both in groups and separately. He captures the right movement at the right moment, in combination with a strong sense for colours and shapes.Today he shoots a lot more than dance, theatre and culture - but til this day Carl is the favorite photographer of world famous choreographer Mats Ek. Carl is half Danish and works regularly in Denmark. He used to assist the great photographer Mattias Edwall.
a man running on a bridge
Café Magazine, runners fashion SS24
a man on the cover of a magazine
King Magazine, David Lagercrantz
a group of people sitting on a couch
Eilersen 2016
a beach with a body of water and mountains
Kauai, USA
a man on the cover of a magazine
Café Magazine, actor Edvin Ryding
a woman leaning against a car
Volvo Magazine Edit
a group of women sitting on a couch playing instruments
Eilersen 2015
a man on the cover of a magazine
King Magazine, Jens Lapidus
a group of men posing for a photo
Lifeline, Bo Kaspers Orkester
a man carrying a woman on his back
BACKSTAGE - Dawid & Marcin of the Royal Danish Ballet
a group of people in wet suits in the ocean
SAS Traveler Magazine, Biarritz
a woman in a dress sitting on a ledge by a pond
Vogue Scandinavia - Martina Bonnier, Editor in Chief
a group of people posing for a photo
Damernas Värld, Guldknappen
a woman with gold paint on her face
BACKSTAGE - Desi & Daniel of The Royal Swedish Ballet
a person walking on a path in a jungle
Bali, Indonesia
a man in a suit
Tidningen Vi, David Lagercrantz
a man with a hand on his face
a man with a red scarf around his neck
a man sitting on a couch
Eilersen 2017
a landscape of a desert with mountains in the background
Nevada, USA
two men walking on a rocky mountain
a man on the cover of a magazine
King Magazine, Tommy Körberg
a man sitting on a chair with text on the cover
Café Magazine - Erik Niva
a man on a boat on water
KING Magazine, Björn Gustafsson
a man with red hair and a green jacket with his mouth open
Björn Axén - lookbook 2020
a woman in a garment
Bea Åkerlund x Beckmans
a man in a suit and socks
Damernas Värld, Alexander Karim
two men leaning against a fence
BOY Magazine x Le Specs
a man in a black jacket and pants opening a red door
two women walking in a grassy area
Odalisque Magazine
a woman in white leotard hugging another woman
Sthlm 59 North
a man and woman kissing
Actors Ana Gil & Danilo, Dramaten
a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes
Actress Sofia Ledarp
a man riding a horse
MOC Sport, Forsman Bodenfors Factory
a woman with a blue flower headdress
Damernas Värld, Seinabo Sey
a woman leaning against a pole
Tidningen Vi, Sofia Ledarp
a group of women posing for a photo
Damernas Värld
a woman with dark makeup and a black jacket
Actress Hedda Stiernstedt
a deer in the woods
Royal Swedish Opera, Tannhäuser
a woman standing in a field
Actress Louise Ryme
a woman in a blue suit
Damernas Värld, Laleh
a woman lying on the floor
Louise Peterhoff, actress
a group of women in white dresses dancing in the fog
Royal Swedish Ballet, Giselle
a woman with her hand on her chin
Actress Anna Åström
a woman in a red dress
Malena Ernman, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
a man with a crown on his head
Uppsala Stadsteater, Julius Cæsar
a man in a suit with a crown on his head
Julius Caesar
a man with a beard making a face
Chef Felix Fylking
a woman holding a light bulb
Tidningen Vi, actress Moa Gammel
a ballerina lying on the floor
BACKSTAGE, Exhibition -16
a woman in a long skirt
a man and woman dancing in a dark room
Royal Swedish Ballet, Swan Lake
a man and woman with a glass of liquid
Stockholms Stadsteater x Maximteatern, Katt På Hett Plåttak
a woman in a tutu holding her hands to her face
Shima Niavarani
a woman with her eyes closed
Amelia Backman
a woman in a pink dress holding a chainsaw
Tidningen Vi, Liv Strömqvist
two men standing in a kitchen with sausages
a tree in a field
Skåne, Sweden
a woman sitting on a wall
Actress and singer Edda Magnason
a sun shining over a body of water
SAS Traveler Magazine, Italy
a man and woman in a boat
Stockholms Stadsteater, Hemsöborna
a couple of men looking at a glass of wine
a woman wearing sunglasses and holding her finger to her mouth
Stadsteatern Katt Marie
a man with a bloody nose and a bloody nose
Så enkel är kärleken
a man in a white shirt and a white shirt
Dancer Waldean Nelson of Göteborgsoperan
a man dancing in a dark room
a group of men sitting around a table with food and drinks
Villman Produktion - Sviten av Denise Rudberg
a collage of people with bloody face
Maximteatern - Så Enkel Är Kärleken av Lars Norén
a woman lying in a pool with her eyes closed
Vi Läser, author Monika Fagerholm
a person with a folded white fan
Bea Szenfeld x Tess Asplund
a man in a suit on a magazine cover
Café Magazine, David Sundin
a group of people pushing a door in a library
Nordiska Museet, Magiska Rum
a man with colorful hair and a bottle of vodka
Absolut Vodka X Fredrik Robertsson
a man on a magazine cover
KING Magazine, Henrik Schyffert
a woman sitting at a desk with her feet up
My Blomgren, Stadig Produktionsbolag
a man in a brown coat
Damernas Värld, Adam Pålson
a woman posing for a picture
BACKSTAGE, Mayumi & Moe
a man sitting in a chair with a group of mannequins in front of him
Scenographer Charles Koroly
a man standing in a forest
Tidningen Vi, Fredrik Lindström
a woman lying on the floor
Tidningen Vi, Nour el-Refai
a woman lying on a couch with white paper sculptures
Damernas Värld, designer Bea Szenfeldt
a woman in a red dress sitting at a piano
Bea & Jonas Åkerlund
a woman in a garment lying on a couch
Damernas Värld, Bea Åkerlund
a group of people with their mouths open
Cullberg Ballet
a collage of a man making different expressions
Soloist Ola Eliason, Royal Swedish Opera
a man singing into a microphone
Bo Kaspers Orkester
a man in a black coat
Journalist Göran Everdahl
a woman with paint brushes in her hair
Tidningen Vi, illustrator Stina Wirsén
a man walking by a lake
Jämtland, Sweden
a cracked ground with blue sky and clouds
a man jumping into water
SAS Traveler Magazine, Cape Cod