Prop Maker | Papercut
– Anton Thorsson

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  • Set designer, prop stylist and paper artist Anton Thorsson set out on his creative journey early in life. At the age of four he was happy to receive his first shining pair of scissors for Christmas present. Since then he has refined his cutting skills, discovered a world of colors and materials, studied Thangka painting in India and scenography at Stockholm University of the Arts. In 2008 he started working with set design and props for mostly advertising and still life photo, often incorporating his origami-creations in the sets. His style is versatile, with influences from nature and elaborate art nouveau alongside the architectural minimalism of the folded paper. With an eye for perfection, a high level of craftsmanship is a hallmark of Antons work.
a paper cut out of a landscape
Ensocoat / Stora Enso
a paper cut out of a landscape
Ensocoat by Stora Enso
paper cut out of a deer in a pond
Ensocoat by Stora Enso
a pair of gloves and shoes on moss
a glass with a liquid in it and a lime wedge in it
Spirit Link / Softdrink
a bottle of medicine next to a ginger and berries
Spirit Link / Ginger Shot
a table with a bowl of cereal and a bottle of milk and orange juice
Spirit Link / Cereal
a glass with a liquid in it and a lime wedge in it
Spirit Link
a paper bag with a face made of food
Håll Sverige Rent
a set of clothes and accessories
H&M Move
a person in armor holding a glass of beer
a cucumber and a box of tea on a ginger root
a person tying a red ribbon on a box
Stadium / Christmas 2023
a group of objects around a tree
Stadium / Christmas 23
a table with various fruits and vegetables
a group of cans next to some fruit
a rock with headphones on it
a carton of juice with lemons and ginger
Arla Onaka
a pink book with black text
Klarna - Success Stories
a hand holding a cherry over a dessert dish
Klarna 2021
a spiral shaped paper cut out of waves
Bowers & Wilkins - Nautilus
a white box with a silver and gold object
Bowers & Wilkins
a group of items on a red surface
Stadium / Christmas 2020
a group of people playing in a room
a woman lying on a bed of flowers
Léon - Dancer
a set of stairs with a yellow line painted on it
a black and white image of a spiraling object
a set of objects
Stadium 2019
a group of boxes with shoes and balls
Stadium - Black week
a cube shaped box with many objects
a collage of paper cutouts
a white paper cut out of a circular pattern
a pink helmet and a plant on a purple surface
Klarna / Black week
a glass with candy on it
Klarna-Black week
a green ball on a white surface with a green liquid in the middle
a train with presents around it
SBB / Swiss Railway
a blue table with a suitcase and objects
City Gross
a group of blue boxes
a bottle of liquid next to a glass of water
Fun Light
a group of bottles of juice
God Morgon Juice
a watch on a black and silver background
a chair and a lamp in a room
Paper still-life
a bottle of vodka next to a glass of liquid
Absolut Russia
a watch with credit cards flying in the air
Swatch - Pay
a woman in a dress holding a large sculpture
Corrugations - Lula Japan
a watch with a cartoon character on it
Swatch - Mickey
a watch and key on a piano
Revolution Watch Magazine
a microphone and watch on a sound proofing panel
Revolution Watch Magazine - Neumann
a plate of food and a glass of milk
Paper - Food
a woman posing for a picture
ELLE Germany
a folded cloths on a table
a group of juice boxes and a glass of juice
a group of cartons of fruit and a drink
ProViva / Smoothie
a tube of sauce on a pink background
a bowl of soup with herbs and lemons
a group of white containers with black caps and white flowers
a bottle of pink liquid with paper flowers and leaves
Rosa dei Masi
a group of round brown objects
a white tree with swirls and flowers
a group of bottles of perfume
a bird with a flower in its mouth
Lilla piratförlaget
a stack of books under a lamp
a map of a city
Swiss Lotto
a hands pointing at a sign
a bird made of ties
Bromma Blocks
a row of seats in a row
Seat 26D
a pair of clothes and shoes
Sats Magazine
a paper fish with spikes and balls
a woman standing in a field with art made of flowers
a group of objects flying in the air
a white paper with a yellow tool and a magnifying glass
Vision - CV
a hat with a rose and ribbon
King Magazine - Corduroy
a close up of a flower
Lumene Berries
a group of shoes on a blue surface
King Magazine - Shoes
a group of black and gold containers on a grey and white cubed surface
King Magazine
a castle on a mountain with a balloon flying over it
a red purse with a black background
a watch on a purple background
a woman with a bird on her shoulder
Damernas Värld
a laptop with a tape measure around it
King Magazine - Still Life
a desk with a calculator and books
Du & Co Desktop
a blue and red pinecone holding a sign
Farsta Centrum
a doll with needles
a light bulb made of legos
Stilleben Lego
a hand reaching out to a lotion on top of a stack of bottles
a group of white boxes with watches
a group of beauty products on a display
a red lamp with a white cord
a white paper chair and table
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010
a man standing in front of a large white star shaped object
a group of cosmetics in a spiral
Apoteket - Rosa bandet
a group of white tubes
Apoteket - Apoliva
a box with a ribbon
a paper cloud with a phone and a flower
a bottle of alcohol with fruit and flowers
a bottle of alcohol with fruit and leaves
Absolut - Orient Apple
a room with white walls and white boxes with various objects
Residence - Art Jewelry
a person's legs and shoes with a bag on a city street
a box with a package and a gift
a christmas tree with presents
Vällingby Centrum
a light bulb coming out of a box with a toy car and gold nuggets
Behind The Scenes
a group of objects on a brown paper surface
a black bottle with yarn on top and a red apple on top of a yellow cup
Du & Co
a red and black shoe
Ballerina Closet
a sculpture of a woman with objects on her head
a paper cut out of a tree
a paper doll holding a flower
a framed picture of a picture of a couple of perfumes
a car steering wheel with a red cup and a red mug
Du och Co - Car
a group of perfume bottles surrounded by leaves
DV Man
a painting of a robot on a ladder in the clouds
Nya Rum
a woman with a large hairdo and a ruffled collar
Make up store Magazine
a sculpture of a face with smoke coming out of it
In Limbo
a bottle of water with watermelons and watermelons
Loka Campaign
a tree branch with pears and flowers
a group of plants and insects
DV - Jewelry
a blue and red geometrical design
a tree with rope and bottles of perfumes
DV- Perfumes
a syringe and a bottle of pills
Forskning och Framsteg
a cross made of different colored objects
KTH - Plus
a person in a camouflaged suit in a forest
a tub of yogurt with a wooden sign next to a tree
a woman in a blue dress on a magazine cover
Plaza Kvinna - Cover
a woman in a black dress with a red purse and large flower hat
NK Stil
a paper cut out of a white frame with white text
NK Stil - Papercut
a gold frame with a red curtain
Salong Röda Rummet
a group of objects from a scale
Plaza Kvinna
a group of bottles of wine in grass with paper flowers and leaves
King Magazine -Rosé
a group of yellow flowers
a woman wearing a gold crown and necklace
Gatsby Party - Headpieces
a woman with flowers on her head
Synologen Event - Headpieces
a pink paper flower with green leaves